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Author Archives: Daniel Myers

July 25 – Nate Askins

July 25 Today we were supposed to go to the Klamme Handjes festival, but it was cancelled due to weather. Skyler was sick all day anyway, so it may not have been the best time. We were supposed to go with Jesse and his date, but instead we meet at Cafe Brecht and walked down … Continue reading »

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July 21 — Luke Brigance

July 21st Tuesday Got up early and went to the Anne Frank house. My group went into the museum at 8:50 am I’m glad that you got us the tickets in advance, that was a huge line waiting to get in. It was a very interesting experience walking through the Annex where they lived for … Continue reading »

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Anne Frank and PIC — Trinity Vannoy

July 21, 2015             This morning was my favorite part of the trip so far. We started off early with a trip to the Anne Frank House. I have read this diary many times throughout my life and I watched the movie over and over again. The Holocaust is a very real part of history … Continue reading »

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Steven Dossey’s Blog.

Here is a link to Steven Dossey’s blog.

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The Hilltoppers are coming soon.

  Greetings from Amsterdam.  I have been here for four days now getting thigs ready for the arrival of the students.  The weather has been better than expected.  I left 90 degree weather and most days the high has been in the 60’s. The flight is scheduled to arrive Amsterdam Thursday at 7:15 a.m.  Most … Continue reading »

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July 1 — T minus two weeks and counting

Today is also the first day of my transition into retirement.  I will spend up to five years where my responsibility is only in the classroom.  I will teach a reduced load and will not participate in those wonderful committees and meetings that make up the university setting.  These students will comprise my first class … Continue reading »

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20 Days and counting

Twenty days from today the students will be in route from the Nashville airport to Amsterdam. This blog will chronicle their adventures and their learning experiences.

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