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July 21 — Luke Brigance

Posted by on August 14, 2015

July 21st Tuesday

Got up early and went to the Anne Frank house. My group went into the museum at 8:50 am I’m glad that you got us the tickets in advance, that was a huge line waiting to get in. It was a very interesting experience walking through the Annex where they lived for years. I tried to put myself in their shoes while we walked around. It would be so hard to be quiet for that long, it must have been miserable. It made me really feel more sympathy for the Jews. I have been interested in learning more about the holocaust I’m ready to visit a concentration camp next. Walked around with Hunter, Trinity and Haley. Went over to Flevo Park rode around learned that they have a camping area and a very nice swimming pool that looks about like the pools in America. There was also a camp site directly across the river that was super nice. After that I crossed a couple bridges and got into N. Amsterdam it was a very calm area. It reminded me of the suburbs, there were very few stores just mainly parks and residences. I spent a few hours touring that are then found this Eye studio building at Oever park and rode a ferry across the river from there. At 6:15 everyone met at the red light district to go for a tour with Maritza. She told us about the Red Light district and let us know some of the struggles that are occurring for the Sex workers. There are 290 windows and some of them are going to be shut down before long. Rode bikes around for a while then headed back to Vondel Park to hang out by the lake until dark. Came back got cleaned up and got to bed around 1 ish.

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