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Wind Mills 7-22

Posted by on July 22, 2015

The day started with class talking about the Red Light District and how prostitution benefits from economies of agglomeration and conglomeration.  Similar to car dealerships, prostitutes benefit from being nearby each other, and having merchant suppliers close too for necessary supplies – condoms, sexual stimulation instruments, etc.

Following an interesting class regarding the Red Light District we proceeded to take a tram and train to see some wind mills in a quaint nearby area.  The class did make a wrong stop in Zaandam, but eventually found our way.  The wind mills were quite a site to behold accented by a beautiful countryside and farm animals.  We also saw the first Albert Heijn store – a grocer with nearly a monopoly in Amsterdam from what I can tell.  The class also had an opportunity to witness a draw bridge that allows larger ships to travel along the canals.  While no one was ever in any danger, Dr. Pruitt quickly made sure nothing was left to chance when crossing after the warning siren started to blare.

WinMill - 1

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