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July 21st– Anne Frank House and PIC

Posted by on July 21, 2015

Today began early at 7:30 with my alarm going off to go to the Anne Frank House. When we got there I already saw what looked like a line that would take all day to go through. Fortunately, we had passes and were able to go straight in. The Anne Frank House was eye opening for me. I have had many classes focus on her diary and there was always talk about the Anne Frank House. I never thought that going would be a reality for me, and further, that it would have such an impact. I tried reading and watching as many of the entries from Anne Frank’s diary as possible that were around the building to try and get an even better sense of what was going on there throughout the day and in her thoughts. I really like how the House was designed to teach you solely about the Secret Annex as opposed to the Holocaust as a whole. It gave me a new perspective into the Holocaust because it showed me a view of it that I had not previously focused on.

The Prostitution Information Center was very interesting. Knowing that our guide was an actual window sex worker made all of her information and stories credible. She had lived it since she was 14 years old. She wasn’t worried or offended by any questions that were asked of her and answered them fully. I wasn’t aware that the Mayor is attempting to essentially shut down the red light district in an effort to make way for more cultured businesses and shops pertaining specifically to the arts.

  1. Anne Frank and her family/friends were in hiding for nearly two years.
  2. Anne Frank died one month before she would have been freed.
  3. Tax evasion is punishable by hefty fines as opposed to jail terms
  4. The red light district is having its own personal recession at the moment
  5. Bikes are a much better way of getting around in Amsterdam

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